Business Development Officer

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Job Description
  • Dedicated to handle Rakamin Academy's outsourcing service
  • Acquiring and converting potential clients
  • Scheduling appointments, preparing, delivering presentation, and pitching to new client, having researched their business and requirements
  • Developing and making persuasive marketing/sales strategies, materials and campaign presentations based on an educated understanding of the business issues, requirements and needs of potential clients
  • Preparing all the contract needs for new clients and make sure our team are ready to start the services with the new client
  • Maintaining a good relationship with clients and partners.
  • Minimum Bachelor degree majoring in Business or related field
  • At least 1-3 years of working experience in Business Development especially outsourcing service or B2B (ex consultant will be highly preferred)
  • Good business sense
  • Able to understand the needs of the clients and connecting company with the needs and plan for the client’s business
  • Good professional/business communication skills
  • Ability in negotiating and closing complex deals
  • Confident and engaging presentation skills
Skills Needed
Pitch Desk Presentation
Corporate Communications
Business Analysis
About Rakamin Academy
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Rakamin Academy adalah sebuah platform untuk kamu yang ingin belajar dan atau menyediakan pembelajaran, platform untuk berkoneksi, dan membangun karir di era digital. Rakamin Academy bertujuan untuk membantu masyarakat Indonesia mendapatkan akses pendidikan yang lebih inklusif dan berdampak untuk membantu mereka memulai karir di bidang teknologi

Technology Education
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Company Size
1–50 employees


We hope to confidently inspire our team to maintain high level of motivation in completing their duties
Here, we work together to make the dream work
We strive to constantly pursue innovation of our products and services
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