Job Description
  • Lead & manage objective of tim IT Network & DevOps
  • Ensure availability of all BMS infrastructure achieve Standard SLA
  • Ensure optimation on BMS platform with cost reduction as a result
  • Collaborate with IT Apps Manager, ensure project delivery meet the timeline
  • Organizing & prioritizing improvement on : Security, Networking, New Infrastructure & DevOps
  • Has experience with a good knowledge of Linux (Especially Ubuntu Server)
  • Familiar with cloud environments (GCP) including with containerisation such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Is familiar with managing infrastructure and technology in Microservice stack (such as Load Balancing, HAProxy)
  • Has experience with complex information technology environments, including to review and assessment network and infrastructure design/diagram
  • Has a good understanding of SAST & DAST will be excellent
  • Ability to adapt fast in a startup environment
  • Able to prioritise shifting workloads in a rapidly changing industry
About PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi
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PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di industri Financial Technology dengan bisnis pembayaran elektronik (e-payment) di Indonesia. Layanan bisnis PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi berbasis B2B dan B2C dengan layanan utama Network Agent Provider, Biller Aggregator, Payment Gateway, Electronic Money, dan Penyelenggara Pembayaran QRIS.

Selama 13 tahun PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi sudah menghasilkan berbagai layanan produk dan aplikasi yang memberikan manfaat nyata bagi masyarakat serta memberi kontribusi untuk Indonesia dalam bidang e-payment.

Produk PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi adalah sebagai berikut.

1. Toko Modern Fastpay

Bisnis Keagenanan Keuangan Digital & Sistem Pembayaran Terlengkap di Indonesia

2. SpeedCash

Platform Uang Elektronik Terlengkap di Indonesia

3. Pulsagram

Aplikasi Pembayaran Online Terlengkap dan Terpercaya

4. TiketKAI

Beli Tiket Kereta di TiketKAI Lebih Mudah dan Nyaman

5. Winpay

Payment Gateway Terlengkap dan Termudah

6. Rajabiller

Supplier Multi Biller Host to Host Terlengkap & Termurah di Indonesia

7. Gigapulsa

Distributor & Agen Pulsadan Kuota Data Murah, Server Pulsa dan Produk H2H Terpercaya

8. JogjaKita

Dari Jogja untuk Indonesia, Membangun Ekosistem Bisnis Digital Asli Indonesia

9. ViuiT

Aplikasi untuk memesan makanan yang menghadirkan pengalaman pesan makanan online se-Asik main sosial media.

Financial Technology
Sidoarjo Regency, Indonesia
Company Size


Here, we work together to make the dream work
Continuous ambition for progress and finding the best means to make it happen
We put great emphasis on preserving the high existing standard of our products/services
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