Freelance Graphic Designer (Illustrator)

Job Description
  • Conceptualize and develop creative ideas for visual elements
  • Collaborate with the business team to follow up, develop and execute visual concepts
  • Ensure that design elements align with the projectโ€™s goals and brand standards base from guideline
  • Can work in a fast-paced creative environment
  • Understand packaging guidelines and material product
  • Knowledge of how to develop brand identities product
  • Can use Adobe Illustration
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ASTRO - Groceries in Minutes Indonesia's first and fastest-growing on-demand platform for groceries and essentials. Anything you need, fast. Astro is Indonesia's first quick commerce company that delivers groceries and essentials to your door within 15 minutes. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our mission is to make people's lives simpler and easier by saving them time, energy, and money. Just like real Astronauts that take off into outer space, Astro embodies the values of being fast, bold, adventurous, and technologically advanced.

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Online Groceries
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Company Size
>100 employees


Here, we work together to make the dream work
We consider employee's happiness as a part of ours
We strive to constantly pursue innovation of our products and services
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